To raid or to raptor... come take a look and help me decide

currently i am running 1 X SATA 36gig 8mb WD raptor as my main disk and a 200 gig SATA Seagate barracuda as secondary. i have been given 2 x 250 gig SATA Maxtor Maxline 3 hard drives and as i now own a DFi board i am thinking about raiding them and using as the main drive over the raptor.

would you:
A) raid the 2X 250`s and get wrid of the old model raptor,
B)keep the raptor as the main drives and use the 2X 250 in a raid format as a secondary drive
C) keep the raptor as the main drives and use the 2X 250`s as a second and third drive
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  1. Somewhere I read an article on Tom's Hardware, with regards to expensive raptors 10k rpm drivers vs a RAID Stripped configuration, and the RAID stripped configuration was comparable to the expensive raptors. It would be nice to two two raptors in a RAID stripped config though.

    Sorry, I couldn't find the article.
  2. I have 2 10,000 rpm raptors at raid 0, runs great. When running raid, make sure you have fast drives in the array because the OS os written over all hard drives in raid, and if you have 2 x 10,000 rpm drives and also a 7200rpm drive, the latter will slow you down.
  3. Read the RAID FAQ sticky and go to the PC Guide link cited there.

    Keep the Raptor as your boot drive, and use the two 250 GB drives as independent volumes.

    See following for more info.

    RAID 0 will generate a 500GB storage space, but there is zero fault or error tolerance. Overall performance may be somewhat faster than the individual drives, but are you sure you want to risk your data?

    RAID 1 will provide good fault tolerance, but at the cost of getting only 250 GB space from 500 GB of physical hard drives. RAID 1 mirrors the two drives.

    Best bet is to use the 2 250s as independent drives.

    Hope this helps.
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