please an advice...which chipset is better_

hi guys,i just want to know what chipset is better for a overclocking newbee ....
i have an amd 64 3200 venice
asus a8n e bios rev 1013
maxtor 200g
psu 400 w no name
galaxy gforce 6600 gt 128
i pushed my cpu towards 2600 but it runs stable at 2500 but now i realize it is not enough
now i want to build a new rig with e6600 and for the moment i'm confuse ...first choice for my rig is done intel conroe...but what chipset is or nvidia....
as i mentioned above i own an asus a8n e with chipset nvidia nforce 4 ultra which satisfied my overclocking needs .i just want to know if the new chipset from nvidia is better than intel...

any suggestions ... pls :?:
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  1. depends...
    do you want crossfire or SLI or sinlge card. you want MAX FSB or good stability?(not that u cant have both). What kinda overclock are you looking for?
  2. err. right now i dont want to go sli cuz i'm on a tight budget but in the future i want sli...don't like crossfire
    about stability is what i'm looking for and some decent overclocking also
    i want a board to push a e 6600 towards 3.00
  3. Ok. Well, if your looking to go SLi in the future, your choice will hafta be a 680i or a 650i chpset. But if your on a budget......the 680i run $229-$400. Im running the Asus P5N32-E SLI and i really like it. It has great overclocking options, and has been very stable for me. Some people say its picky about memory, just check the compatibility list before buying RAM.
    Otherwise you can grab any of the reference boards. The 650i is cheaper, closer to $150 if your on a budget.

    Edit: On newegg right now u can get $50 off a ASUS 8800gts with the purchase of the P5N32-E SLI. Not a bad deal!
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