Moniter or Vidcard prob?

I just assembled my computer last night, got it all up and running and out of where my screen just turned green with what looked like refresh lines. I could still see what I was doing for the most part. The card was not running too hot, around 54C. But a restart cured the problem; I also did it when I was running 3d mark 06. I restarted, it fixed it, ran it again then nothing happened, until shortly afterwards. I am running an EVGA 8800gts in a gigabyte GA-965P-DQ6. I did reseat the vid card to make sure it didn’t come loose. Nothing is in the case right now; I’m still burning everything in.

I just trying to figure out if it was the vid card or the monitor.. Honestly I think it’s the video card, but I want a second opinion. Also I’m not sure if it driver issue, card firmware is flashed to newest, and the drivers are the newest out on EVGA’s website.

thanks for input
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  1. May be astupid question..but.. do you have another computer you can hook the monitor up to? even a laptop.

    Does it happen as soon as you boot?
    If not it may be driver related.

    Other causes:

    May be the cable? Vga/DVI/Composite?
    Card inserted properly?
    Try different resolutions and refresh rates.

    Let me know how you get on.
  2. Ya I have a laptop i can try it on when i get home. Umm I reseated the card so its in there fine. And it does not happen as soon as it boots up, it just happened twice last night out of the blue.

    Cable wise i can also try a new one when i get home, and with the refresh rates, its a lcd i believe 60 hz is what the max is?

    Ill repost later tonight after i work on it a bit, hopefully it was just a fluke and it never shows its ugly face again.

    Edited because i cant spell, and my grammar sucks
  3. Yeah give the monitor a try with the laptop see if it happens.. then you can pinpoint.

    If it is the card still have a fiddle with the resoultion.. refresh rate 60Mhz is fine.

    How old are the two items?
  4. Well both items are less then a day old. got the stuff in last night.

    Corsair TWIN2X2048-6400C4 2GB
    Corsair HX Series CMPSU-620HX 620W P
    EVGA 640-P2-N821-AR GeForce 8800 GTS
    (2)Seagate 320GB
    SCEPTRE x22wg-Gamer Black 22" 5ms DVI Widescreen HDMI LCD<--- this is the one currently hooked up to computer.

    Samsung 941BW SyncMaster 19in Widescreen<-- spare, G/F is using it for the time being.
  5. :) Nice buy

    I got my Gigabyte DS3 965P, Corsair XMS2 C4 and E6600 Yesterday too...Good job ;)

    I also have 22", my g/f is stuck with the TV on the 15" :( Guess you're the bigger man :P
  6. lol, nah we have a 32" sony she can watch tv on. Older sony wega. one of those heavy ass tv's that weighs 200 lb's.

    actually i bought the 19 " as my main then i saw the 22" and figured i get them both, keep the one i liked, well she liked it alot so she is keeping it, so there goes 180$ for her.

    btw im sitting at 39C idle and 54C load. im kinda interested what your sitting at. btw this is all stock i havnt changed anything other then updating bios and such.
  7. I pontsed the 22 off my rents... I ordered them a dell told them it had 2gig memory and upgraded the moitor :) sly.. I had two 15" before moved one on another computer and have the 15 above this 22 with media center palying... running at 53, didnt check idle.

    I am on vista, first time i booted into XP, ran prime.... 1mil took 20.2 seconds on stock. :) I was a happy bunny, last result was 52 seconds on celeron d.

    Have you overclocked at all? I dont think Im going to bother, Im a deisger/code.. watch and play cideoa/mp3s.
  8. actually im going to make sure everything is stable for about a month. Then im ordering stuff for water cooling. Then i plan to overclock the damn thing till it hits a wall. I dont need to overclock it at all, but its just the fact that i can with little trouble so i might as well. *everyones doing it*
  9. H2o is great and will keep your gear really cool during playing, but comes at a price (unless you are good at carving copper chunks into heatsinks with water journals). If you know what you are doing and know what you want, and have the setup in mind, you can get a lot of the plumbing parts at the hardware store, such as fittings, tubing and clamps. You can cut down costs that way so you can get the pump, radiator, and blocks you need. I have had mine on water for 3 years and it runs cooler at load than of my friends' most at idle.
  10. Well what im looking at is a blend between DD and swifttech. I priced a good chunk of it and the total is going to be around 200-250... That includes cooling for the 8800, i will have the cpu & gpu in the loop. i want to use a reservoir, because I don’t want the hassle of a t line, and all that crap. Btw this will be going into a TT Armor

    The reservoir will be going in a 5' bay, well thats what i want

    double rad-DD
    reservoir--dont care
    gpu,cpu block --- swifttech
    gpu ram heatsinks--swifttech
  11. Well so far no problems with either moniter... Ive ran futuremark several times so far no problems. I will just let this sucker keep going i suppose. ill let you guys know if anything changes.
  12. Well found out what the problem was, It is the monitor. Finally got it to mess up again, immediately switched it out with a different monitor, no problem. So it looks like ill be setting it up for an RMA.

    Thanks for the help guys.
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