Silent Dual DVI nVidia card?

Hi, can any of you guys recommend a graphics card that fits the following requirements please:

1. Silent - No sound from the card AT ALL!
2. Dual DVI
3. nVidia chipset
4. Supports resolutions of 1920 x 1200 and 1600 x 1200.

This card is for my linux machine that sits in the living room - hence why it needs to be a silent card. I've been hunting around on various stores for the past hour - you wouldn't believe how difficult it is to determine if a card is silent or not.

The specifications don't need to be high at all since it's for a development machine and not for games.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
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  1. Cool, thanks for the response. I only really want to spend $50 USD on the card.
  2. Ah you no mention no price limits, ok a little harder for that price range to get dual DVI and play near those resolutions, unless you're just looking for 2D support at 19x12,

    Can you swing $89?

    Otherwise you need to find an old GF6600 or GF6800 for cheap, or get one of the ones I listed off eBay.

    Best to get a GF7600GT or better if you're looking for any kind of HW HD video acceleration in the future.
  3. Thanks TheGreatGrapeApe.

    I was a bit tired last night and what I mean't to say was the limit was $100 USD. I'm working in GBP and my limit is set to £50.

    I have 2 machines; windows and linux. My linux machine has had an X800 card in it for ages because it is dual port. This means my windows machine has some really naff 1 port card in it that can't play any decent games. The plan is to buy a reasonably cheap 2 port dual DVI card for the linux machine and then move the X800 back into the windows machine so I can play games again :)

    Then I'm going to need to replace the X800 with a silent solution because at the moment, it's the only thing that causes noise from my pcs.
  4. Hi,

    I've found this card:

    My only reservation is that there is 1 DVI and 1 VGA port. Since both my monitors have VGA connectors anyway, and the article says it supports dual monitors, should this worry me?
  5. Well if you monitors are VGA/DB-15 anyways, then it doesn't matter, DVI carries both signals so you can support 2 VGA monitors no problemo on that card.

    Personally I'd say pay ~£1 less and get a better card (90mhz faster core) from Overclockers;

    Still only DVI+VGA, but looks like that's not that important to you. There's also the GT for £89 which is dual DVI, but that's a good chunk of money more.
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