Asus EN8800GTX 8800GTX Needs 30A on 12V

Hi, I have two basic questions:

The Asus EN8800GTX says it needs/recommends 30A on 12V and it has two 6-pin PCIe connections for power:

1.) Does the 30A have to be on one 12V rail or if it's dual rail, does a 15A + 15A (or more) enough? In other words, can I add the 12V rails (two or more) together and if they combined to 30A+ then I'm ok?

2.) Anyone know of a website or search engine that will allow me to search for power supplies by available amperes on the 12v rail or rails?

Any PSU recommendations are welcomed! Thanks!
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  1. Thanks. Any ideas on a webpage/search engine that had them listed/sorted already?
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