Need class action suit regarding warranty for staples

My daughter bought HP laptop from Staples and got an extended warranty. She has had problems from the beginning with the computer. It was sent to HP and then sent back to Staples. They had to replace hard drive and much more. They kept the computer for over a month waiting for more parts. Computer is still a lemon and she has lost all her pictures and important documents. Staples is saying even with warranty they will not replace computer and she has to now go through HP, but HP is saying no, computer is okay. Why do people get an extended warranty with these companies, they do not stand behind their products. Computer was just bought in March of 2010.
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  1. Next time you buy a HP laptop, don't get the extended warranty, get the accident insurance from HP.
    It covers some really strange things that might happen to your computer... all by accident.
    If it has problems.. well... an accident may happen that requires extensive work to fix.

    I bought my daughter a HP laptop, and since I know her well, I bought their accident insurance to go with it (she was 9 yrs old). I know my kids, and sure enough, she got mad at her brother one day and for some reason took it out on her laptop by slamming the cover down while there was an ink pen on the keyboard. The glass shattered (but remained in the cover) and that was that.

    HP was contacted and closing the cover on an ink pen is covered. They gave me their FedEx account info and even offered to send me a box to ship it to them. I sent the computer to them on their dime, guaranteed next-day delivery (although that was impossible). They fixed it the same day they got it and they returned it to me same method. The total time the machine was gone was 4 days (sent to Fremont California from Caracas).

    I read what is and is not covered. If you accidentally leave your computer on the roof of your car and drive off, resulting in it hitting the street and shattering... yup, that's covered. There are limits. They will only replace the entire case (and contents) or the mainboard or the DVD burner two times. The screen is unlimited as well as keyboard and other small items.

    So if your HP gives you grief, just drop it, by accident of course, and they will fix it (which will include making sure it works properly).
  2. First things first, what is the computer doing to justify a complete replacement? If HP says it's fine then it's likely something that could be fixed by asking a few questions here. I'm not saying that there's nothing wrong with it, but if the thing boots into Windows then HP will likely tell you that it's ok unless it's completely unusable.
  3. Tikilover-

    When you call the store ask for the number to the corporate office to log a complaint, this will get them really jumping. Then ask them about an escalation line / phone number to the warranty department. These people find solutions quickly and efficiently. You can ask them to simply replace the computer, now that you are in the Staples warranty. It states in the contract that they can also send you a cash card for the "value" of the computer so you can request that as well. Know that if you do replace the computer or cash out the value you will have used your warranty and it will be null and void going forward, and yes, I used to be a GM for Staples. Let me know if you need more help.

  4. Tikilover:

    You ability to obtain relief will depend upon the laws of your state and whether or not a case can be brought on behalf of everyone in the U.S. I am a consumer class action attorney in California who has experienced similar problems - three replacement printers all of which failed within a week of receiving them. I am now developing a case against Staples and the warranty plan issued by USP. If you want to discuss your options, feel free to email me at

    Good luck,
  5. Most store extended warranties have an always will be scams. Always buy notebook/desktop warranties directly from the PC manufacturer (i.e. Dell). They might cost more, but they will usually cover shipping and unlimited repairs/replacements (my $250 Dell 3-year warranty replaced at least $1,000 worth of components before the entire notebook needed a replacement). Most of those extended warranties have clauses that will repair up to the cost of the notebook and then the store does not have an further obligation. It is more like very bad insurance. Stores with horrible extended warranties include: Staples, Best Buy., Future Shop, GameStop, and likely many more.
  6. nice thread necro.... you do realize this thread was started in 2010?

    the trouble with said warranties is that people do not read all the fine print. often what is covered is only component failure not due to accidents. if you spill water in your laptop, not covered. if you drop your laptop, not covered. if you screw up your windows install because you're a moron, not covered.

    as tig first stated if you want great coverage you need accident insurance direct from the manufacturer. and always make sure you read what you are buying before you buy it. asking technical questions on forums is also a good idea in case of non-hardware issues (such as screwing up your windows install).

    i do love how everyone tries to jump on the class action lawsuit cases nowdays. the warranties retail stores offer on products is often very limited and will only cover up to a certain monetary value. if truely looking for the company to blame, look to the manufacturer of the faulty product.
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