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Need power supply for this new build.

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February 2, 2007 10:43:41 PM

I am building a new system and I'm having second thoughts on the Hiper 580 watt psu I purchased. What is a quality psu for the below system? I assume eventually I will soup up to a better processor and a top of the line card.

Here's my rig:

Intel e6600
CORSAIR ValueSelect 2GB
GeForce 7600GT
250GB 7200 RPM 16MB Cache SATA HardDrive



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February 2, 2007 11:13:50 PM

What's the model number?


February 3, 2007 1:20:19 PM

I tell you, the psu decision is the toughest part of building a system.

As you can see by my system build above, I don't need an extremely high end psu. My question now is with the limited life span of a psu is it smarter to buy a psu that is adequate for my system today....and then if and when I do upgrade to a higher end processor and a high end gpu i buy psu to support at that time?

One more question...are the coolmaster psu's very high quality?
Is there any specific model that would be good for my build?


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February 3, 2007 6:08:20 PM

I thought the Hiper has 38A. I guess it's not the sum of the two 12V rails?

The CORSAIR CMPSU-520HX would have enough juice for the future.

The corsair is only like 10 bucks more. Looks like it's worth the investment. Plus I like the idea of a 5 year warranty.

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February 3, 2007 6:42:35 PM

I double the Antec PSU, as I know for fact that the manufacture is good and I also own a PSU by Antec. :) 

February 3, 2007 6:48:59 PM

Will my hyper have enough power to handle an 8800gts down the road?

I strictly run a stock rig with no OCing.

I really appreciate your comments to my threads.


A friend of mine bought a BFG 8800GTS, and his PSU couldnt handle the Amp requirements, and I happened to have an Older Antec Truepower 430 lying around that was closer to the 26 Amp minimum requirement.

Its been running on the Antec for two weeks now with no problems, I knew it was going to be pushing it but decided that since the PSU is 3 years old, if it decided to crap out it doesnt really matter since it is beyond its warantee, so the point is as long as the PSU is reasonably good quality I wouldnt be scared of it on a 8800GTS, as it will probably be fine.
On the other hand if you plan on buying a 8800GTX I would be much more cautious as its power requirements are much more strenuous, and will require a higher quality PSU because of its 30 Amp minimum requirement.

Even though your Hiper is a Tier-4 PSU it can handle both of these cards minimum Amp requirements, and since you dont plan on overclocking I wouldnt worry about it.
In the Future you will want to make a better purchasing decision and go with a Tier-2 PSU.
February 3, 2007 7:20:12 PM

The Hiper is going back on an RMA with no restock fee. I am now trying to decide what's the best psu for now and for the future.

I am leaning towards the Corsair 520W......and I'm also looking at a OCZ GameXStream 700W.