BFG 680i bios update help

Hey all, Im having trouble getting the hotfix (the sata thing) to run properly.

When I run the program from BFG to see if I need the fix, it just dies and says the hardware wasn't found. So, I tried installing the fix anyway from the "pre-vista loading dos look-a-like" on a flash drive and attempted to run it. It would flash things, but nothing new and say "press key to restart" but would never restart. Basically wouldn't flash it.

I can't run the BFG drivers for the mobo either, they die as well. Any ideas on that?

Running Vista 32bit, (but trying to get into 64bit mode), e6600 8800GTS.

oh, if you do have an idea, could you also explain if there's a way to flash the bios from windows? thanks
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  1. I've now also tried using the Nvidia System Update program to do it. It says the BIOS IDs do not match. But I got the bios update directly from BFG...
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