Striker Extreme 1.2VHT??? What is it?

System Specs
MB - Asus Striker Extreme
CPU - e4300
RAM - OCZ DDR2 PC2-6400 / 800MHz / Titanium XTC / EPP-Ready Edition
Video - Asus EN8800GTX
Power Supply - Silverstone OP1000
HD - 2 x WD1500ADFD (Raptor)
Case - Thermaltake Kandalf LCS

Primary question: What is 1.2VHT?

When using PC Probe II it throughs a warning reguarding the 1.2VHT voltage being at 1.5V. This is a completely default configuration. I haven't even started overclocking yet. What should the voltage be at and what is it related to?

Secondary question: What is an ideal temperature range for the motherboard?
My CPU is currently @17 C & MB @ 35 C.
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  1. What it is ->

    Why it happened:

    Due to a feature called linkboost auto enables when detecting the 8800.

    Normal Voltage setting = 1.2
  2. Still looking for MB temps though. Any ideas as to what I should be shooting for would be appreciated. I'll probably find the answer I'm looking for before I get a post... :roll:
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