Advice Needed - 20-22 inch LCD


thinking of buying a 20-22" LCD for something around $500 or INR 22000.

i play a lot of games and am a programmer. would be watching the occasional dvd.

few features i wud like are
1.) Low response for games
2.) High Resolution for programming
3.) Good Interpolation for non-native resolutions
4.) Some LetterBoxing or something to play games which dont work with widescreens (inbuilt or 3rd party tool)

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  1. Hi
    This one should be great,
    I love BenQ, I have the 20.1" version with 8MS response time, and I love it,
    This one has a 5 ms response time, so it should be better.
    Read the reviwes, it looks great.
    But remember, it does not come with speekers.
    But at $320, it is a great deal.
  2. I take it you don't live in the US. You should make this explicitely clear, since newegg doesn't ship outsiode the US.

    You might want to take a look at the Viewsonic, Samsung and Acer lines.

    Some of the Viewsonic TVs are also very nice monitors.
  3. Before you invest in a HDTV for a monitor, check the resolution. You'll find most HDTV's have a lower resolution than most 22" LCD's. After getting a 22" and using a 20" at work, I'm sold on the 22". It doesn't sound like much, but the 1680x resolution totally rocks. I got Viewsonic, but I've seen a lot that are very nice. Try for 5ms for gaming, I think you won't be very happy with the higher response times. It depends on what you play, but in general, lower response times are going to refresh faster and give you fewer remnants, or ghost trail effects. As I mentioned in another post, Gateway makes a great looking monitor, as do HP and Dell. There really are a lot of good monitors out there, but if you look closely, I think you'll see that the difference between 20" and 22" is dramatic. Especially if you want to do any letter-box graphics or watch movies, etc.
  4. that benq looks interesting - i as looking into getting a 22"

    samsung 5ms is the way to go
    veiwsonic second

    i did not check out the benq - it looks interesting too
  5. as i have seen most 20-22 inch lcds are 1050 vertical whereas hdtv is 1080 so was kinda worried that it would squeeze the movie a bit. but not really bothered as hdtv isn't something i was looking for.

    i liked dells very much but only the low cost ones seem to fit my budget. will try and find how much the benq costs in India.

    any more suggestions.

    and to be specific i want recommendations on actual models rather than if to take 20 or 22 inch.
  6. still am looking for suggestions please keep posting
  7. Samsung 204Bs (1200X1600 Rotatable) are on sale at Best Buy this week, here anyway. $319. Good to buy monitors at a local store in case of return.
  8. @davidinsarasota i am looking for wide screen

    also i now have a choice between
    1) Dell E228WFP 22" Entry Wide Screen Flat Panel LCD Monitor
    2) Viewsonic VG2230wm
    3) Benq 22" (not sure of the model number)
    4) Samsung 22" (model number ending with BW)

    in this only viewsonic claims a response time of 5ms (max) but i know not to trust those figures.

    dell is the cheapest and Viewsonic and Benq the same price (??? cant understand y since viewsonic is way better in specs) dont know the price of samsung though.

    any suggestions. or any others which someone strongly recommends
  9. I have the Samsung 226bw. Suffice to say, it kicks ass. I wrote a detailed review here . I recommend you check it out as I personally feel it is better than the four you have mentioned. BTW the Benq and Viewsonic use the same Panel from AUO so buy the cheaper one of the two if you choose one of them.
  10. I have the Viewsonic VG2030WM. In your price range you could do better than what I have, so maybe the 22" model would suit you. It even has built in speakers. They aren't great speakers but for everyday stuff they are good enough for me.
  11. I picked up the Samsung 226bw a few days ago when the price at BB reached that of newegg. So far it has been great. A nice (though somewhat expensive) upgrade over my 19" crt. The res seems about right, and if you game you don't need super high-end GPUs to run it.
  12. before you buy, I highly recommend looking over the following website:

    this is a forum post with regularly updated recommendations of monitors. Please note that most 20" and 22" monitors now have the same native resolution (1680x1050), so the 22" actually has worse dot pitch (the pixels are further apart and/or larger), which you might notice for a short time till you get used to it if you are used to a CRT.

    The picture will look a little sharper and clearer with better dot pitch, on a 20". You will notice that on this page you can learn all about LCD technology if you want, or just skip down to the recommendations based on your use of the monitor. If you can afford it, buy something better than (most) monitors which have TN panels.
  13. worse dot pitch is actually a feature for me as i can still use my older graphics card to play and the movies also dont stretch as much so u dont really c the artifacts.
  14. okay finally i have narrowed it down to 2

    1) Dell 22" 228WFP - Rs. 19000 /-
    2) Samsung 226BW (can't say if its S panel or one of the others) - Rs. 26000 /-

    now i can't decide between the two. got rave reviews for the samsung but thats a huge price diff.

    please help
  15. I would (and am, btw) stay away from the Sammy monitor, playing the panel lottery blows. Look into the HP W2207, it seems to be favored over the 226BW by alot of people, it's around the same price (in the us atleast), and HP isnt using sub-par panels in some of their monitors to make more cash.
  16. At the $500 price point, you should be able to get an open box Dell 24". Those screens rock.
  17. $500 wud probably cost somewhere between 31000 - 38000 (INR) (also not a direct conversion as it includes other stuff like duty tax etc)

    I wud prefer something in the 19000-22000 ($300) price range.
  18. Quote:
    okay finally i have narrowed it down to 2

    1) Dell 22" 228WFP - Rs. 19000 /-
    2) Samsung 226BW (can't say if its S panel or one of the others) - Rs. 26000 /-

    now i can't decide between the two. got rave reviews for the samsung but thats a huge price diff.

    please help

    go for the samsung, but make sure it is a model S ( from samsung ) there are also models A and C, which are not native samsungs
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