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ok... i just updated my pc to windows vista ultimate.... i have an HP xw9300 professional workstation. This workstation is basically all nvidia. It runs Dual Opteron 275's on an nforce professional platform. i cannot get whql drivers for my nforce professional chipset. I have to use the ones microsoft shipped with this OS. I have been looking all over the web for these drivers and here is what I have found:

Where are my NVIDIA Drivers for Vista?
'NVIDIA not being ready for DX10, Vista, and SLI is a low blow to enthusiasts and gamers that spend the big bucks, and they will remember that for a while.'
'World-class support' should be a minimum expectation, not just a marketing tag line

Logitech, Creative, NVIDIA driver disgrace
'Guess that Vista upgrade is just going to have to wait -- either that, or I upgrade my hardware to something compatible and vow never to buy Logitech, Creative or NVIDIA ever again!'
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  1. Not familiar with that system. How old is it? It also isn't a typical consumer class PC so drivers are likely to arrive slower. Only nvidia support can help you really. You might be able to find some beta driver that works, somewhere. Sorry, not much help.
  2. it's just irritating... here vista has been coming out for years, and where are the drivers???? Creative, NVIDIA, Logitech.... GRRRRRRRRRRRR! I cant even find beta ones to try and install... oh wait, somehow u have to disable a feature in vista to install an NON-WHQL driver? I dunno.
  3. Well creative Driver ( vista x64 with my X-fi Platium ) run better then XP 32bit for some reason, the sound in my game are cleary better and my Line in RCA and Jack 1/4 work always compared to XP. Good job Creative for the vista x64 driver for the x-fi card, yes i heard about the audigy that still have problem, but its just a matter of time ( Always happen when new Os come out ) Compared to Nvidia wich they said all was vista-ready with like every card and in fact it is not. I dont think so Creative said their product will be 100% ready for vista, they even say they had problem witht he driver for vista.
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