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There is an absolute jackass on the server i play on. He has a tweaked out
character that is very tough, and he camps out in one of the few area that
allows PvP. Normally that would be fine, but this area is on the way to
about the only place that characters from levels 25ish and up can get decent
XP. So i'm heading out with my 27th level fighter/DD/Wm and this guy
attacks me, i actually held my own for awhile but then he busted out with
Isaac's Greater, and down i went. He then gave me grief a few times
(against the server rules) and left me there.

So basically, does anyone have some killer PvP builds, i don't want to use
anything too munchkin like the "exalted sorceress" but i will if i need to.
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  1. Archived from groups: alt.games.neverwinter-nights (More info?)

    I'm not to sure on how well this would work on PvP, but i just finished
    SoU&HotU with this...Elven Fighter 10 / Weapon Master 8 / Rogue 7 . Take it
    for what it's worth, i went after High Dex, for AC bonus. Dual Weapons
    Feats, then set Weapon of Choice to the only weapon focus/specialization i
    had, Katana's with multiple improved Critical feat. At then end of HoTU,
    that char managed multiple 100hp+ hits, and she had 5 attacks per turn. Also
    instead of amour, i had her wearin the Mantle of Greater Spell Resistance,
    put her SR at 32. Before i took the the Rogue levels i seriously thought
    about Assassin, for it's Death Attack instead of Sneak Attack from the
    Rogue. but it all worked out.

    good luck
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