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I have a USB printer on my current machine with a wireless router. I will be building a new system within the next week and the new mobo has built in wifi. I know nothing about networking and my wife's work computer (a laptop) has a network card so she can access the internet, but that is the extent of what we do.

Now, if I do not have the printer hooked up to the new machine and keep it hooked up to my current machine, where do I find instructions on how to set it up for sharing the printer wirelessly?

The router is a Linksys wrt54g.


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  1. Just think of the wireless setup is wired. The setup is the same.

    You will need to turn on file and printer sharing on the pc with the printer. Then select the printer and make it shared. Then add a new printer. You will need to connect to the pc with the printer and select it.
  2. After posting I read some more and think I need a wireless print server. The router I have is (I think) just for internet, since the printer is plugged into the computer and NOT the router.
  3. There is away to share the printer connected to a PC. That's what I thought you wanted to do.

    If you look a print-servers make sure your printer is listed. If not it will not work or have limited support. If It's a HP, they make one for most of there printers.

    I got tired of all the troubles and bought a true network laser. The best thing I ever did. Suppliers are cheaper, than the expensive inkjet cart. Plus a lot faster. I still have the color for photos if I need it.
  4. I do want to share the printer. I just don't know how to do it. I would want wireless but don't want to spend a lot of money. I originally thought that I could use my new computer's built in wireless (It's the asus p5w dh) to "talk" to the printer without having to do anything since my current machine has the Linksys router. Like I said I think I need a print server, but you tell me as I really do not know anything about this.
  5. They make wireless print servers, but they have limited support. Since most require bi-directional communication. It all depends on the printer.

    The cheapest way is to share the printer off a pc. But the PC must be on inorder to print.

    If you have a HP printer, check with HP on there print servers.
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