DirectX 9.0c vs. DirectX 10.0 compatable video cards

With the recent release of Windows Vista, and the DirectX 10.0 codecs, what will the fate of DirectX 9.0c cards be? Clearly those cards will become obsolete with time, though the real question is how quickly?

Would it make sense to blow 250+ on a top of the line directX 9.0 video card; or would that be a stupid investment?
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  1. Well just think of it, people STILL HAVE there Voodoo's, Ti4200, MX440's, and THE FX series, DX 9 cards are going to stay put for a very long while all it means is that there we cease to be "new" DX 9 cards.
  2. If you want a $250 card NOW, get an X1950XT and be done with it. If you can wait a few months, DX 10 cards should fall to that range. But DX 9 still has a long lifespan left compatibility wise. Vista and new games may be DX 10 capable, but that in no way means they'll drop DX 9 compatibility.
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