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Mitsubishi and a VCR..please advise

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June 20, 2004 4:19:17 AM

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I know this is probably the wrong newsgroup for sorry.


I have a Mitsubishi 46" widescreen..all the sudden my VCR will not record.

I get the dreaded blue screen..Yes I have tried another VCR.

It's not connection problems cause it has worked for 2 years just fine.

I figure a button on the remote or on the front of my TV was wrongly pushed
or whatever.

Has this ever happened to anyone else?



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June 20, 2004 4:19:18 AM

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Possibly you hit the signal receive button on the remote that switches
between EXTERNAL and AUX/ANTENNA inputs? I have a Mitsubishi VCR and
perhaps their TV's are the same? I ran into this awhile back on my signal because I had it switched to EXTERNAL and I had no
input connection for it.It would be a button marked INPUT.It may not be
this......just a thought though.

S. Coleman