help me to for buy new motherboard


my name is dimitris

i have one core 2 duo 6400
but i want to buy new mainboard for to be and later in the future(quad
because i want to buy the ati r600 and to do later in crossfire
i have seen 4 mainblorads

ICFX3200-T2R/G (775,DDR2,RD600)

Commando (s775,i965,DDR2)

IN9-32X-MAX WiFi (s775,DDR2,680i)

asus striker xstrem,e

which from these motherboards is good for the ati r600

and which motherbord can be crossfire with 2 ati r600 in
the future

can you help me please;;
in this problem i have;
what you recomend me to do;;
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  1. if you want to do Crossfire then the best mobo of those is the DFI.
    The 2 680is won't do Crossfire & the Commando is limited to X16/x4.
  2. so the motherboard dfi(rd600)

    is the best for the crossfire;;

    is it combatible with the ati r600;

    this motherboard;

    asus comando is not comatible with ati r600

    and crossfire;;;

    can you help me please;;
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