X1900XT CrossFire Display problem

I got a Asus P5B Delux WiFi Mobo with crossfire of X1900XT and X1900XTX , every so often , when I restart my PC I get this problem... like the computer detects new hardware , where previously I already had Crossfire mode in the ATI driver utilites , and every time that happens , my Crossfire Mode is gone , the worst is......sometimes the Display configuration F%)(*ks up ~ some how it display my MAIN only monitor as secondary monitor , where I cant even see my main window stuff , or even worse , it shuts my main monitor off , leaving the PC running as if there is a invisible main monitor there ... or when I am using dual monitor , btw , my main is a 21inch CRT and secondary is 17 inch LCD , okay some time it reverse around my main and secondary display , like it will display the 17inch LCD as Primary display and 21 inch LCD as secondary , and I cant change it back... I often reinstall driver , or keep restarting PC until it display properly , plz help me out ~ it really frustrate me , every time I Restart PC I am scared that will happen soooo annoying

my current spec is
ATI 7.1 Catalyst driver
ASUS P5B Delux WiFi
Enermax 620W Liberity
CPU Core 2 Duo E6300 O/C @ 2.8ghz :(
and my BIOS Driver are currently the latest which is 1004 I think
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  1. you see I have tried using just ONE monitor ~ and it still sometimes fks up , like it will show only wall paper on my main monitor , and when I go into ATI configuration , the Main montior have a ICON of Cross on it , or even worse , the monitor turns it self off and computer is still running , not fully turned on but on Hold or something , and I Cant do anything about it , so I have to keep restarting until my main monitor display the window properly , by the way its on Manual display
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