My P5LD2 and 2.66 Dual core

i am using a pretty old system MB is Asus P5LD2 and CPU Intel dual core 2.66ghz

anyway the asus board comes with a utility called AI booster which not only monitors the hardware but also can help me over clock it, the max auto OC ooption is at 30% i have sufficent cooling in place,

so i got my CPU to 3.47 ghz and the cpu temp is only 50C, FSB 900,

is this safe?

i mean, this is preprogramed in the asus MB so i guess it should be safe to do so?

please advice, and how to add attachment?
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  1. can someone post a link to my CPU's guide, since its quite old i cant seem to find it.

    my CPU is intel 2.66 dual core 805,

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