Dell Laptop with Squirrely Win 2000

Recently was given old Dell Pentium II laptop. Want to use for travel. OS is Win 2K but can't do a thing with it. Disks not available to reinstall, so I'd like to reformat HD and install Win ME because it's simple and doesn't make big resource demands. But laptop has no floppy drive so can't use boot disk. I could buy external floppy -- but when HD is formatted there'll be no driver :cry: to run the floppy drive.

Any solution??
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  1. Are you sure your Windows Me CD is not bootable? I have a Windows 98 SE that is bootable.

  2. Interesting thought. Believe I tried the ME disk from my desktop computer but it's an upgrade. HOWEVER... hmmm... I need to check disk for previous OS (95 or 98). Thanks! Will let you know....
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