new water cooling system

im want to water cool my cpu and gpu.
i have been loking at
Thermaltake Bigwater 745
Thermaltake Aquarius II VGA Waterblock
will this cool much better than my air coolers? they are all stock.
Will the radiator help if i take the fans of it?
are there better watercoolers which dont cost much more?
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  1. Here is one that I know from personal experience is much better for just a lil more:
    GIGABYTE GH-WIU02 3D Galaxy II Liquid Cooling - Retail
    GIGABYTE GH-WPBV1 VGA liguid Cooling - Retail

    I have a previous version of this kit and it keeps my Athlon64 3200+ that I have running @ 2.8GHz (stock is 2GHz) at a cool 27-29C idle and 30-32C under 100% load.

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