2x74gb vs 2x150gb raptor in RAID 0, big difference?

Hell All,
I have just bought 2 74gb Raptors, I am planning on a RAID 0 array for OS and games. I wan wondering will a pair of 150gb Raptors in RAID 0 be significantly faster then the 2 74gb Raptors (newer model)? I also might just go buy another 74gb Raptor. I am just looking for faster load speeds. Will I notice the difference between 2x74gb vs 2x150gb?

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  1. I'd also like to know where I could find some benchmarks on two 150GB Raptors in a RAID 0.

    Any links?
  2. if youre meaning the 74GB ADFD 16MB version, then yes, its faster than the 150GB ADFD, but not by much usually... so a raided array of 2 of them will be even faster than a raided array of 2 150GBs... however, the original 74GB 8MB, was slower than the 150GB

    concerning game load times and raid 0... regardless of what some people may say, there are absolutely no viable or repeatable benchmarks to back up the claim that having raid 0 does substantially decrease load times for 'most' games... on average, you may receive an improvement of ~1 second, which has in fact been proven time and time again in numerous benchmarks (search on google for something like "raid 0 game load time")... but for games, raid 0 is not the way to go... youre much better off investing in more memory, a faster cpu, or simply a faster single drive, if youre looking to improve loading times

    as far as raid 0 also, since youre looking for mainly performance, its best used for transferring large files, such as movies, due to its higher STRs... in real world usage, you may see a boost of around up to ~15% when transferring large files like that
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    Finally someone gets it..... thanks for a good post on raid 0:!:
  4. Hey choirbass,
    Thanks for the info, I have had the hardest time trying to compare the 16mb cache 74gb vs the 16mb cache 150gb in RAID 0. I will be using this rig for games so hopefully load times will be faster. But I will also be using this rig for photo editing, so hopefully the RAID array will cut down on loading and saving large photo files.

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