My first time proposed build

Hi, this is my proposed spec for my new machine……. Could you tell me if there are any compatibility or other issues?

I’m gonna use this machine for gaming, and internet, coursework..

-Not everything is compatible
-Over did something that won't get full usage because another part isn't up to it

I have a monitor.. Samsung Syncmaster 940mw, and am a bit worried about it and the videocard, are they compatible with each other? My monitor is a DVI connection.

I have all the bits and bobs, (mouse, keyboard etc) so im not worried about those.

MOTHERBOARD----------------------------------------------MSI K9N Platinum

CPU----------------------------------- -AMD Athlon 64 X2 5200+ Socket AM2

RAM----------------------------------------------------------------- Corsair XMS2

OPTICAL 1------------------------------------------- Samsung S182M-RSMN

OPTICAL 2------------------------------------------- Samsung S182M-RSMN

GRAPHICS ------------------------- ------------------ XFX GF 7950GT

OP SYS-----------------------------------------------------Windows XP Home SP2

HDD-----------------------------------------------Western Digital Caviar SE16

FLOPPY-------------------------------------------------- ------Sony MPF920-Z

CASE----------------------------------------------------------- Sharkoon Rebel 9

PSU--------------- ------------------------ Corsair HX Series 520w Modular PSU

PROCESSOR FAN---------------------------------Arctic Cooling Freezer 64 Pro

CASE FANS--------------------------------- --------120mm Coolermaster (x2)


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  1. Ditch the 5200+, get and E6600 instead, £10 more and considerably more powerful. Along with the E6600 you'll need a new mobo, the Asus P5B is about the same price as the K9N, its a pretty good mobo, and oc's fairly well. Everythign else looks good.
  2. ive changed the processor and the motherboard, will the other parts work with them (im not too familiar with intel boards)

  3. Since you changed the mobo you will need a different cooler. Arctic Colling Freezer Pro 7 will do the trick.
  4. The Sharkoon Rebel 9's 250mm case fan is a bit noisey (more like a gust than an irritating noise). I use a fan controller to quieten down the fans and it works nice. Remember to buy either a 120 or 2 80mm fans for the rear exhaust as this doesn't come with em.

    Cools everything nicely tho

    The Corsair PSU I have too... brillaint (it's a Seasonic M12) and whisper quiet. Runs my 8800GTX perfectly though I wouldn't want to try SLI with it though. Why SLI when you've got a GTX anyway??
  5. You mention that you have all of the extra small parts, but you are buying a SATA drive. They usually don't come with the associated cables.

    Good Luck.
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