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I was looking for input on a great ADSL modem for BT. I feel that my current modem, a Siemens Speedstream 4100, might not be the best choice. I have a great router, D-Link DGL-4300, and I would prefer a modem that is just a bridge/gateway without a router. If the best choice includes a router, that is fine too. I am willing to spend some money on whatever is best, even if it has more features than I want, and just put the modem into bridge mode. I also have an Efficient Networks Speedstream 5260, but it is an old revision and does not seem to be any better than my 4100. Anyways, let me know. I would prefer a technical answer, as opposed to "I use this and it works just fine". I want to hear an answer from someone that has either shopped around or has advanced knowledge, however, all input is still appreciated.

I use SBC Yahoo! ADSL Net Elite 6000/768 which is ADSL2+, I use PPPoE on Modem currently, Siemens Speedstream 4100 PN: 060-D141-A39, and I get "OK" speedtests. I think speedtests all suck and either multiple segmented downloads or Torrents loaded with Seeds are true speedtests. I can only max out my connection when downloading via HTTP or FTP which is 624KB/s or 4992Kb/s, but I only come close on BT when there's a peer or two that offer 200KB/s each, which is dissappointing. I blame my modem flaking out when there are too many concurrent connections. My TCP/IP settings should be optimized as I've tweaked them over and over to get optimal. I have had all different kinds of DSL from different providers - Telocity, a Covad reseller, SBC/ATT, and a Rhythms reseller. So either my DSLAM has become sucky or it's my hardware and I'm willing to spend some money just to find out and also to know that I'm using something that should be good.

Anyways which brand/mondel Zoom, Zyxel, Billion, D-Link, Siemens/Thomson, etc do you guys recommend. Is TI, Broadcom, Conexent, or other the better chipset for signaling and throughput, and which processing unit on those chipsets allows for the most concurrent connections and analog-to-digital interpretation.
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  1. I would check with my ISP for what is compatible.
    They certainly have tested a wealth of options.
  2. speedstream and alcatel are both good
    don't get a dlink, i had their 300g and it crapped out after a year
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