7900GTX + DX10 + Vista?

This isn't really my issue, but i've recently had someone insist that their 7900GTX support DirectX10.
I know there are some altered versions of graphics cards that have larger memory, overclocked or whatever, from differnet manufacturers, but im sure none can make the 7900GTX DX10 capable.

Also, I read somewhere (cant find link) where tt shows less than 5% difference between XP and Vista performance on benchmarks, on the same machine. Is this true and/or are there other places (like THG) that haved backed this up?
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  1. ANY 7-series or below card will never, ever, ever be DX10 compatible. No matter how much it's overclocked or whatever.

    The only cards thus far that are DX10 compatible are the 8xxx series from nV. ATi are releasing a new card sometime soon which too is DX10 compatible.

    As for the Vista vs. XP gaming debate, I believe THG had an article last week about it. Vista so far is looking mighty crap at just about everything.
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