8800 GTS Vs PSU

Hi there... ive bought a totally new system :

Msi 975x pla edition
2gb ram
2 sataII hdds
and finally a pov 8800 GTS

the psu i have at the moment is an older model but was quite good quality when I bought it. It an Levicom Alien- x 500watt

Now the question is: Ive heard that the 8800 sucks abit of power so would you think that I would be able to run this system with my current PSU?
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    If the PSU can supply no less then 32A on the combined +12v rails then it will be fine. I suspect it can't. You will want to check out PSU 101 in the PSU section. There you will find out how to calculate your PSUes total amperage and how to figure out your systems power needs. That sticky will give you all the information you need to find a good PSU. There is a link to it in my sig below.

    I tried using the extreme powersupply tool... and it came up with 364watts and this was with a 8800 gtx as the 8800 gts isent in the list.. but as you write watt isent all. And about the 12v rails I dont much about. Problem is i cant find my psu specs thru google... only alot of german sites has info but I cant read german :( but ill try and search for some info on the psu itself and get back... just all my hardware is soon ready to be put together so i wanna be sure i dont fry up a 8800 gts fx :P
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    Read PSU 101.
    Once you have entered your CPU, Video card, 1 HDD and 1 Optical drive and get the wattage in the calc you divide that number by 12 to get the amps your system needs. Add 2A to 4A to that to leave a bit of a buffer and add 4A to 6A if you plan to OC.

    If you read the Thread it will also give you a reference sight of quality PSUs It's the second link in my sig. In that thread you will find quality PSUs with information like there total amps on the combined +12v rail. There are also links to Newegg for each PSU and prices. If you live in the UK then there is a link at the top on that thread that will redirect you to the UK version of the list with links to Scan and prices. If you live elswhere i'm still in the research fase of diveloping those lists.

    just took out the psu and it says that the 12v line has 34A and thru the tool as i posted i need 364watt divided by 12 thats 30.333 and with 2-4A is shows that my psu should be just able to do it :) but ill try and dig more into it
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    Well then you have plenty of power. So your all set.

    thx alot for the help :) much appreciated
  4. I have a similar question and I have an 8800 GTS on the way so I want to make sure I have enough power.

    I ran the calculator and came up with 341W for my gear with the 8800 GTX (GTS wasn't available). Divide by 12 and I get 28A.

    I'm using the following PSU: http://www.antec.com/specs/SP500_spe.html . +12V1 = 17A and +12V2 = 19A. 36A, Does that mean I'll be good?
  5. yep... you should be quite fine
  6. i would say that you would need at least 70A just to keep that system afloat, you may want as much as 10A more jsut for stability

    so you could get one of those enermax shizznates for like 400 bucks, and it MIGHT be able to power ur 8800gts OK...
    if your lucky... 8O
  7. No dude, you're wrong a single 8800gts draws over 55A :roll:
    so with the 16A a system usually draws, its goes to 70A :roll:
    with 10A headroom for overclocking those core 2 duos to 5 Ghz on stock :!:
  8. Please remove that avatar.
  9. Haha, i know, i jstu wanted to mess with mpilchfamily... 8O

    haha, and, yes, the dude in your avatar is george ohm, some elctricity guy :roll:

    hmmm 8)

    oh btw, im just messin with the whole 70 ampere thing
  10. I know you have a good sense of humor :) , there's another guy floatin around with 4ryan6's avatar. Only he dont get it. :?
  11. Just to follow up. I installed the card last night and everything was fine with this PSU. I ran hours of benckmarks and games at max settings and the system was solid as a rock. The setup was:

    eVGA 8800 GTS factory superclocked
    Antec Smartpower 2.0 500w
    ASUS Crosshair MB
    AMD X2 4200 2.2 OC'ed to 2.4+ - Zalman heatsink
    2gb in 2 sticks of Corsair XMS2 DDR2 800 RAM
    1 SATA drive
    3 case fans
  12. haha, like i said the whole time...
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