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For the past 6 months, I have been working, saving up for travelling, all alone in my little town, while all my mates are in their last year of uni. Anyhow, this has been very damaging on my social life. I leave for Oz for 4 months tommorrow, and I just wanted to say "thank you very much" for providing me with a social outlet in these dark times, I have enjoyed all my arguements about E6300 vs E4300 and Tuniq Tower 120 vs Zalman 9700 etc etc. I WILL return, and I look forward to maybe finding out how the R600 stacks up....
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  1. Enjoy your holiday DownUnder dude. :D 8)
  2. Cheers guys! When I return I will resurect this thread and get you to tell me everything I have missed over the last 4 months!
  3. Have Fun in OZ man, I loved my time, and can't wait to go back (next time during ski season!).

    Lotsa natural beauty there;

    oh yeah and most importantly;

    You can always keep in touch in the CyberCafe, as if you'll have time. :twisted:

    BTW, don't pass up the chance to drive on the windy Great Ocean Rd or pretty much any coastal road in Tasmania. Awesome fun!

    Anywhoo, Have a GREAT Trip Dude!!

    Edit: Ooops double picture! D'oh! :oops: Fixed.
  4. Yeah it the Beaches and the B1tches! :twisted:
  5. PM BomberBill for some crazy parties with strippers, hookers and experiments with mind-expanding drugs in a consequence-free environment

    LOL, seriously, he's a solid cat who's all about the great land down under as well as it's assets.
  6. Yeah THG has done videos for a while, like the one to unlock the AMD XPs, but now they do more generic videos, seem to be a trend of alot of the sites.
  7. Sounds like a cool cat, too bad didn't know to look him up.

    Loved the country, and pretty sure Parge will find one of a bazillion locals who are wicked friendly and love life. At least that was my experience. 8)
  8. The Athlon XP's could be unlocked with a pencil (graphite)...ahhh, those were the days.
  9. Hope you have a great trip! Last trip I went on (physically, that is 8) ) I ended up moving. Hope you find the grass is greener, or perhaps just appreciate it more.
  10. Yeah, I hear you. Now, with a good chipset you can push the FSB way higher though, kinda negating some of the benefit. Most AMD64's are good for at least a 270 FSB, not like your average XP.
  11. Good deal! What problems are you having?

    P.S. - I also like tacos - viva la taco noir!
  12. I hope that fixes it for you. Nothing heating up that you can tell? I had a USB header cable push against my chipset heatsink once that lifted one side a little - took me awhile to figure that one out. Would be nice to have one of those funky digital thermometers that you just point at stuff to get the reading. Hope it's just a clean install away from perfection again.

    That darn song in your post this mornin' is still in my head, lol. Brilliant. And I thought punk was dead.
  13. wasnt there also a little cache trick you could pull with some of the AXP models? I can't recall correctly what it was though.....

    that said: enjoy your time and dont hurry back

    @ Grape

    Beaches, man thats envious, I would post a pic of my town, but its -8F with the wind chill and snowing like sob. Maybe tommorrow.
  14. Have a blast, and be carefull. :wink:
  15. Quote:
    The Athlon XP's could be unlocked with a pencil (graphite)...ahhh, those were the days.

    Yeah,tried did that, but not very successful,may be the pencil was too cheap (graphite composition too little).Some guy use the finest solder tip he got and solder the dots, but...the chip became as useful as potato chip

    wasnt there also a little cache trick you could pull with some of the AXP models? I can't recall correctly what it was though.....

    Whooaaa....Did what?I've never knew man :oops: .....
  16. Quote:
    Yeah it the Beaches and the B1tches! :twisted:

    Don't let these things steer you away from us man....God Luck in everything that you do (except for crimes)
  17. He needs the most luck with crime! I mean really, who needs luck to go on vacation. What you need luck for is robbing that bank to afford the trip, and luck to get safely out of the country before you are featured in an APB.
  18. You are in rare form tonight :lol:
  19. What form? Who? Huh?
  20. Must be the pain in your leg is getting to you :roll:
  21. You are confusing even my quick wit. Leg is all good now, still black and blue slightly but it doesnt feel like I have a bag of sand tied to my leg when I run.
  22. Of course he'll enjoy himself, best county in the World :)
    I'm not biased at all. :lol:
  23. Rear window defroster repair paint worked better than the pencil.
  24. Wanted to go to Australia with my girlfriend for our 5th year anniversary sort of deal, instead we are driving 6 hours to Chicago and going to some museum's and basically having a lot of fun hotel-room-with-jacuzzi time. Apparently they are charging money to go to Australia? Chicago was cheaper.
  25. I was thinking that he might :wink: want to add his collection of girl friend.....and who knows, he mightkidnap one of the girls he come across (his avatar remind me of It, a short-but-nasty-joker movie I watched like...million years ago..)
  26. :lol: I think Smeagol/Gollum is wearing the same glasses as the smiley in martyjs' avatar.

    I bet you wish you were me and had taken a class called "Lord of the Rings: Real Life Issues in Fantasy Literature"
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