Display Resolution Resetting Problem

I was visiting a friend over the weekend and while I was there he decided to reinstall his PC.
He got everything reinstalled okay barring one problem.
On rebooting the PC, the display settings always seem to to revert back to 640x480.
We tried a clean install, using Driver Cleaner Pro and different versions of ATI drivers but after rebooting, the display setting goes back to 640x480.

The motherboard being used is an ASRock 939SLI-eSata2 and the GFX card is an ATI X550XT.

Any ideas on what could be causing the problem?
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  1. It is possible that the video card is not detecting the properties of your monitor properly.

    Go into the Catalyst control panel and look at the properties for your monitor. If they are incorrect then disable autodetection and choose the correct values. It should work then.
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