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I'm building a new pc and i'm buying Abit AB9 Pro and i have 2 IDE hard disks and IDE dvd drive from old pc and i want them in the new but AB9 pro only has 1xIDE. I found a cheap sata dvd+/-rw drive so should i buy that and put my 2 old hard disk in the IDE?
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  1. Ive heard of a lot of issues with sata based optical drives.

    My opinion would be to invest the money in sata hard drives and keep the IDE optical drive.

    If you dont have the budget to get the sata drives then the IDE hard drives will have to do. Just remember that two drives on a single IDE bus creates a bottleneck and your hard drive performance will suffer.
  2. If you want to keep your existing drives, then just buy an IDE card - these are normally described as RAID0/1 but can just be used for 2 ide channels (ie 4 devices) ... cost is ~ $10-15
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