Nortel Firewall (Contivity) & Port Forwarding- How to ?

Hi Guys

could you please tell me how to configure Port farwarding on Nortel Firewall+VPN Router Contivity for a Remote Desktop Machine. Firewall does not have a Public IP it has a dynamic ip but bind by the address and firewall is accessable by address. VPN clinet are working fine but how to configure the port forwarding to access a machine on the local network without using VPN Clinent software. :?:


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  1. you need to forward port 3389 to the machine you want to access via remote desktop.
  2. thanks for the useful link buddy but i was looking for some Nortel Resource to configure the port forwarding using DynDNS. it is possibel if firewall has some staic public IP address but if firewall is Dynamicaly connecting how port farwarding will work beucase the Public interface of the fireall will be and i already tried it, it is no working :!:

    looking for further commencts

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