First Timer: STAGE ONE HELP!!!

Hi everyone:
Long story short, I have wanted to do this for a while, I am somewhat technically competent, I catch on fast so here we go:

I dont need a computer for any reason it just sounds fun and I have money to blow, therefore:


I need help deciding what individual components I want, I dont even know what I want out of the system! Here is what I do know:

1. I like AMD so far with previous experience in both BUT convince me either way
2. I like mid cases that light up and I want adjustable fans
3. Upgrade potential is a must
4. I want a 10,000 rpm hd for HD tuner card and Protools audio set up
5. I have time to waste, no rush so no need to settle on parts
6. I am open minded on OS
7. I just want to have fun
8. I like to have the option to game but I dont play games religiously: If I want to game then I want it to look great.
9. I am using a 32" widescreen LCD through either DVI or HDMI, if possible

Please help me figure out a cool system to build but keep in mind I want some overkill, no overclocking, quality name brand is a must, and I have time. Let the dream system begin.

BTW: Lets try a 1500 budget with room to grow :)

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  1. Actually, I think Stage 1 is to start doing research.

    But, anyway, here is your first component:

    Some people may consider these to be optional, but not me.

  2. Quote:
    I like mid cases that light up and I want adjustable fans

    Check out the Antec 900. Has adjustable fans, 'lights up' and well ventilated.

    As far as the other components, you don't seem very certain about what you really want so that makes it difficult for us to help you out. Do a little research and come up with some more specific questions and we'll be glad to help you. I think we can start you off on the right foot by saying that the current price/performance king begins with the Core 2 Duo chip.
  3. what use do I have for that? Seriously, Im open to it but I dont use floppy so what do I need it for?
  4. The ANTEC 900 looks like what Im looking for. Is that high quality? Also, should I replace the fans with better fans and should the front be pulling in and the rear blowing out?

  5. My concern was the same regarding the dust. I'm not sure about the installing dust shields. having dust shields on intakes may prevent having positive pressure though. In regards to the configuration of the fans, from the posts regarding this case that i have read, the stock fans are more than sufficient. You have a 200mm fan on the top as well
  6. It looks cool and I like the fans but Im worried about space constriction and dust so im not sure. I really want a case that is solid and lights up without space constrictions and I dont want to spend a ton on a case as I am not building a freak machine just something fun. I am also interested in p180b just put LED fans in??
  7. p180 is a popular case as well. Quiet, quite a few fans, well built. Regarding LED fans, you'll get some light thru the top fan and the rear fan if you replace them. I'm not sure how much light you're looking for and/or if that will sufficient enough for you.
  8. Quote:
    what use do I have for that? Seriously, Im open to it but I dont use floppy so what do I need it for?

    I needed one to install AHCI drivers for my drive. I'll probably not need it again until I have to reformat, but there you go. For 6 bucks you save yourself a potential headache.

    If you already have one in an old computer then you dont need to buy another, just keep it (and the cable!) in a drawer for a rainy day.
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