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Im on a laptop with a linksys wireless card, thats connected to my home network with a belkin wireless router and a speedtream dsl modem on the other end. im about 25 feet away, ok now when i go to any ANY internet speed test it tells me im pulling about 2467 kbps down and 463 kbps up !!!!!!!!!! how is this possible? is this erroneous??? Oh and it also says im in texas when im in Ohio (ip address). im confused because i never get those speeds when i watch video online or download any thing for that matter. any explanations?
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  1. What's strange about this? These are pretty common numbers for DSL.

    2467 Kb/s matches 3 Mb/s DSL service. This is 2567/8 KB/s, around 308 KB/s download performance.
  2. Realy? cause the test peggs me as faster than ADSL, it puts me faster than T-1!! T-1 max. 1.54 Mbits/sec! and it says ADSL in Ohio avg. 0.98 Mbits/sec and im pulling 2!

    (Communications 2.5 megabits per second
    Storage 303.4 kilobytes per second
    1MB file download 3.4 seconds
    Subjective rating Great
    Explain results

    Date & time Thursday, October 5, 2:23AM*
    Test type IDT4 Free
    Connection type ADSL
    Region Ohio
    Data size 1024KB)

    Im just wondering why and how its possible. if you say i have a 3Mbits/s ADSL service thats cool cause, i didnt know and dont think im paying for said service but ill check. so how about that ip address enomoly, im in Cleveland But my ip indicates im in Texas is that normal too?
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