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First off.. long time reader.. first time poster... so forgive my noobness..

Im in the middle of a new build. core2d 6800 extreme, galaxy 1kw power supply, asus striker mb, 2 8800gtx cards and 2 150g raptors with a 160g raptor (sold thru Dell parts) as my data drive. Now here's the situation. On the striker extreme, there is an 8pin ATX 12v power supply female connector with a plastic cap covering 4 of the pins. The Galaxy power supply comes with a split ATX 12v male connector meaning it has two cables of 4 pins each and is labeled as the atx12v connector. Here's my question. With the c2d 6800 extreme do i remove the plastic cap covering the other ATX 12v slot and plug the other 12v atx connector in.. or is that strictly for quad core use. I do plan on over clocking the system in the future.. Not sure if i need the extra juice or if the other connector powers the 2nd core or if its only used for quad core.. the manual wasn't very clear on this.. any help you can give will be greatly appreciated..
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  1. I think you are talking about 20 pins psu vs 24 pin. If you have the 24 pin connector on you psu then you should use it. So yeah tack off the cap
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