Sharing 2 Internet connections?

I need to be able to share 2 internet connections with all the pc's on my network.
I have 5 pc. One is the server which has the 2 adsl internet connections setup.
The rest need to connect through this servers connections.
I live in south africa and we have cap limits on our internet usage, except for local(south african) usage.
On the server the routing has been configured so the one connection will connect to all international sites, and the other connection will connect to only local(South african sites)
This works perfectly on the server. I can go to local and international sites and it uses the correct connection every time.
I just cannot share both connections at the same time. So all the pc's on the network can either only connect to local sites, or to international sites, depending on what connection i share.

I have explored the option of using a proxy server, but because gaming and other real time apps are used, it is not an option. Is there a proxy server that will allow this?

What other options are there? How can i share both connection at the same time, so that it appears as one connection to the other pc's on the network. So my routing remains intact?

Windows Xp Pro
ADSL connection with RASPPPOE
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  1. Anybody?

    Anybody got any ideas?
    Is there maybe a router i can buy that will do the same?
  2. I had a simlar problem myself and the way that I was looking into fixing the problem was to multi-home the two DSL internet connections together. I didn't get it to work because I couldn't buy the Cisco router I needed because of the price. But I know it works because a friend of mine is Multihoming two T1 connections into one connection.

    I don't remember which Cisco router I was looking at but you can e-mail Cisco or call them to find out what type of router will meet your needs. The router must be able to multi-homing with two Outside Ethernet ports.
    You could also look into Prizim routers as well.

    But for sure contact Cisco and let them know what you need and they should tell the type of router you can use.
  3. Thanks Thrawn717

    I have had a look into some cisco routers, but as far as i can tell they offer dual or more adsl routers, that require 2 or more physical adsl connections.
    The 2600 series does this.
    My setup is one adsl connection, that has been logically configured to provide 2 connections through the use of the RASPPPOE protocol.
    So a router that provides dual connections is good, but they need to be logical connections, not physical.

    Has anybody used a cisco 2600 router, could i configure it like that?
  4. Mybe you could look into setuping some sort of DNS server that would actually redirect the DNS query to the proper link, not quite sure it's possible but you should look into it!
  5. if you installed a second network card in each computer you could just create 2 seperate networks. one network on each connection, which connects to each computer, i know in XP there is a way to make 2 network connections work togather as if its just one.

    but that would mean buying a new network card for each computer and a new switch for makeing a second network...
  6. I know very old, but in case people find this in searching.

    I like the Cisco RV08. It's $200-$300 and has dual WAN connection with a lot of control over how the traffic is handled.
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