e4300 + gigabyte 965 s3 = what ram for ~3 gHz overclock?

What would be a fairly economical(and reliable) choice of ram for a roughly 3.0 gigahertz overclock with an E4300 and Gigabyte P965-S3 board? Would like to get 2 gigs but may settle for 1 gig for now. Looking to buy all from Direct Canada . Thanks.
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  1. DDR2 667/675 or DDR2 800. There are some good DDR2 667 RAM for less than $200, check reviews for their overclockability.
  2. Any particular brand? And the reason I am going for an e4300 instead of an e6300 is because I thought it overclocks easier with cheaper and lower speed RAM. Thanks... :)
  3. Corsair, G.Skill, Super Talent, and Patriot are a couple of good brands.
  4. I used kingston DDR-2 667 valueram on a E4300 build/overclock with that exact board just last week. Hit 3 Ghz with ease.

    Kingston Valueram on newegg

    Geez the price went down from last week by $10
  5. I know you're not shopping at NewEgg, but this is an excellent deal:

    $150 after MIR for 2GB DDR2 675 Corsair XMS2

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