I installed my audio driver but no sound! Please help.


I installed my audio driver for my gigabyte ud3 b3 motherboard. I got the driver from gigabyte's website. It is the 64 bit windows 7 version. Now I have realtek hd audio manager installed. I have a set of speakers plugged in which I know work because i plug the cord into my iphone and the speakers work great. Now I plug into the green input hole (which by the way, I should say that everything worked great before I recently reinstalled windows 7). When playing music I look at the mixer and see that all programs playing the music and the speakers have the green bar going up and down to the music. But the bar that says system sounds does not report any sound ( no green bar going up and down).

Does anyone have any ideas? My bios is set to on board audio and I have no pci audio hardware.

Thanks in advance
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  1. Did you look in your manage sounds settings to see what is enabled?
  2. Yes. I'm still going through all settings I can find. But after playing around with sound settings for a while I cannot get it to work.
  3. Is window audio service running? Also check if you have your onboard sound card set as default sound output device.
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