BFG 7800GS OC AGP.... DoA?

I just recently bought a bfg 7800gs oc agp card for my fairly old system and when i first plugged it in, connected the power, etc... and started my computer... there was a blank screen.. the kind you get when your monitor has no signal. I called tech support and they told me to try disabling the old display adapter and reinstall... no avail. So i called again and they said it was a 50/50 chance that it was a manufacturing defect OR an incompatibility with 4x agp slots. He said they had a lot of issues with that. SO... i'm going to rma it and also look into upgrading my mobo. not pci-e yet.

ecs k7vta3(8.0) - it uses the old via kt333 chipset :?
AMD Athlon XP 2500+ (barton)
2gb ram
Xfinity Ultra 500w PSU w/ +12V1 16A, +12V2 18A

so im looking into either getting either the
ABIT kw7 VIA KT880 ~ $50


MSI Delta-FSR VIA KT880 ~ $62

first off i would like to know wat the heck was with the video card? I tried it in my old dell 4550 but i heard there was compatibility issues with that also. as for the mobo... which would be a better choice? or suggestions for a better one w/o spending a lot of $$?
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  1. IT'S YOUR MOTHERBOARD, BUDDY! I've run it to several problems with newer AGP cards in older chipsets. The reason is the HSI chip (or Rialto bridge chips in AMD/ATi parts for that matter) isn't always going to like your motherboard's northbridge for some odd reason. Sometimes your computer will be unstable as all hell, and other times it simply won't work at all. I had nightmares with an X1600 Pro and a 6600 GT in a particular KT400 board of mine. Yet both of these cards worked just fine in an nForce 3 250Gb. Make sure it's your motherboard before you buy new kit.

    BTW if you're looking for a KT880 board I'll sell you mine for $30 (Epox 8KRAI PRO), and I've got a 2700+ too if you want a better CPU . PM me if you're interested.
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