bfg 7800gs oc agp.. doa?

I just recently bought a bfg 7800gs oc agp card for my fairly old system and when i first plugged it in, connected the power, etc... and started my computer... there was a blank screen.. the kind you get when your monitor has no signal. I called tech support and they told me to try disabling the old display adapter and reinstall... no avail. So i called again and they said it was a 50/50 chance that it was a manufacturing defect OR an incompatibility with 4x agp slots. He said they had a lot of issues with that. SO... i'm going to rma it and also look into upgrading my mobo. not pci-e yet.

ecs k7vta3(8.0) - it uses the old via kt333 chipset Confused
AMD Athlon XP 2500+ (barton)
2gb ram
Xfinity Ultra 500w PSU w/ +12V1 16A, +12V2 18A

so im looking into either getting either the
ABIT kw7 VIA KT880 ~ $50


MSI Delta-FSR VIA KT880 ~ $62

first off i would like to know wat the heck was with the video card? I tried it in my old dell 4550 but i heard there was compatibility issues with that also. as for the mobo... which would be a better choice? or suggestions for a better one w/o spending a lot of $$?
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  1. Does your bios have a voltage adjustment for the agp slot, if so is it set to the proper voltage. Is the agp slot enabled in your bios?
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