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Hello guys, my computer keeps constantly freezing. I have tried various trouble shooting tips and I am quite computer savvy myself but nothing seems to work. I bought and replaced the hard drive which actually seemed to work for awhile approximantly a week before it froze again. It isnt a software problem because I've had this computer for well over two years now and I have tried to format to fix the problem but it doesnt work. Which leads me to think it may be a hard ware problem. Any advice would be appreciated.

here are my specs:

AMD phenom 2 quad core x4 965 processor

4 gigs of amd ocz DDR3 memory

64 bit windows 7 professional

ATI Radeon 5700 HD series
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  1. Also be noted that it seems to be triggered when I tap or even slighly touch my computer. Could this be some loose cord somewhere? I have also checked all my cords.
  2. Have you checked all of your components are seated correctly and any locking pin are locked.

    I have a similar problem on one of mine and its the graphic cards causing the problem because the PCIe locking pin for the card is broken so it sits a bit loosely in the slot.

    Check GPU, memory and any cards.

    Also does the event view give you any clue?
  3. Yes, I have done a general brush-over of everything except for today a receded Video, and cpu. waiting to see if it will freee again. so far nothing
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