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Hello all,
I have a wired LAN hooked up to my broadband connection via a Linksys router. I decided to go the wireless route to enable laptop, xbox360, etc usage.
What I'd like to know is, how exactly do I hook up the two routers together? I'd also like to limit the wireless router's access to my hardwired machines. And, to throw a kink in the works, I'd like my Xbox360, which resides on the wireless network, to get access via Windows Media Connect to be able to access MP3s, etc :)
I have everything working right now w/ 1 router, but I don't like having things exposed if/when I decide to open up sharing between my PCs, etc.
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  1. Well, just an update ... I did get it to work. Basically, I did the following:

    Router 1=Wireless, set to IP, enabled DHCP
    Router 2=Wired, set to IP, disabled DHCP

    I hooked router 2's WAN port via a crossover cable to a LAN port in router 1. Next, I changed my PC to a static IP address of and hooked it into a LAN port of router 2.

    Everything worked fine. I have everything back going through the wireless router (it has 4 wired LAN ports also) until I figure out how to set up the routing.

    For example, I am trying to allow an Xbox360 which is on the wireless router, has IP of, to access my computer which has an IP for and is hooked into the wired router.

    My whole purpose for doing this was to isolate the wireless network from the wired. But, if I add a route to the wired network, I don't buy anything! 8O

    Any thoughts?
  2. Some routers configuration settings allow you to select which computers on the wireless side have access to the wired side. You might check into that. Allow the Xbox only.
  3. Yep =) ... however, MAC spoofing would be my first way around it. I guess I am being paranoid ... I mean, worst case scenario, I have one directory tree (a Media directory) opened to be shared only to my Xbox360 (how it figures that out, I don't know ... it has info on it, like serial #, so it is more than just the MAC address).

    We'll see, I might be running coax across a wall in my living room, so maybe I'll just do some cat5 at the same time and give the wireless router to my parents when I stop by their place tonight :o
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