USB FLASh Memory Speed Issue: need assistence

Hello there,

I have the following issue(I don't know if this is an issue, or just a fact): on connecting USB Flash memory sticks (Corsair 2gb usb 2.0) I get low speeds (600 kb/s) so obviously USB 2.0 doesn't work on my system. Can I solve this somehow?

Chipset i845D (Abit bd7-raid) + windows XP sp2 corporate (updates till january 2007 integrated)

note: I see on my abit mb's page a driver for USB 2.0 for WIN ME, and nothing for XP (so I figure out this should have been installed by the OS, only fact is, it isn't (nothing "enhanced" in the USB devices properties under device manager))

Question: Can my chipset support usb 2.0? Is there anything else to do? Some suggestions, opinions?

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  1. Quote:
    The problem isn't drivers. The problem is your old motherboard only supports USB 1.0. You will not be able to run a USB devise at the higher speed of the 2.0. If you want USB 2.0 you will have to get an exspantion card.

    that was my first thought (and later I read somewhere that the hardware for USB2.0 was implemented from the I845E chiptsets on) but then why the official abit BD7 raid mainboard page posts a driver for usb 2.0 for WIN 9x/ME? This is where I started to be puzzled ....
  2. thanks mate for the attention!

    I get it, I845D does not have usb 2.0 hardware support, this is what you say and I intuated it, but hope it isn't true. (I said the E, just like that,could have said X, I cannot remember precisely which model had the first usb 2.0 hardware implementation, in any case this was a post somewhere, I cannot be certain on the validity of that info, the thing that I'm 100% sure is that from i845 on usb 2.0 was no issue).

    Ok then, help me figure this out: WHY is the USB 2.0 driver for that chipset (I845D) available for WIN 9x/ME, on the abit page for the bd7raid(i845d)?

    Mistake? Don't tell me I have to install WIN 95 to run the USB 2.0 stick :)
  3. yep, that's how I think of it as well, in any case I'm not installing 9x to see what happens...I know XP SP2 installs native usb2.0 drivers, that's why I posted my current win version...Thx for the time mate!

    Maybe I get lucky with another dinosaur like me on 845D that tells me his experience with USB flash memory sticks

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