secondary display doesn't work on X1950Pro

Just replaced my V9999GE with a X1950Pro and can't get my secondary display to work.
It's a television that connects through S-Video and the only time I get picture is when I swap displays so the connection is fine.
The only option I have is the ''swap displays'' option ; when I do , my primary gets black and television is in black and white (which is normal if the output isn't PAL).
I just want to clone the desktop and run video full screen on the television with theater mode.
I have the Catalyst 7.1 driver (didn't try the one that came on the cd)
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  1. thanx guys for all the help
  2. Gotta love your sarcasm.

    i have an x1950Pro as well set up with a monitor and a TV hooked in through the s-video. I haven't had your problems apart from the black and white picture on the tv which i fixed by forcing the card to display as PAL instead of default settings(auto-recognise i think).

    Since you have the latest drivers, i can only think of using the 'Force TV detection' feature and trying other choices like to extend the desktop rather than clone it.

    Also, try this link. A Sapphire x1950Pro user succesfully got his dual-setup working after a (long) troubleshooting session:

    Dual monitor woes
  3. Quote:
    thanx guys for all the help
    Well, if your logon was Hottie214, you would have gotten, like, 2000 posts. Does your secondary display show the post as the computer boots up, then disappears as the OS logs on? I have experienced problems in the past with Adobe Type Manager interfering with nVidia dual screen display. You might try going into your "Add Remove Program" control and remove the "AABBYY Print Reader". Also, make sure your secondary display has the "extend the desktop to this display" checked. You may then have to go back into the control panel and set up how your secondary monitor displays.
  4. Solved it :D
    After installing the Omega driver for 7.1 which also installs ATI tray Tools , my primary display was set on display 2 while in the ATI control panel it showed as display 1.
    So I switched my primary to the second DVI connector and everything worked instantly.
    On all my old cards it didn't make a diffirence which DVI / VGA connector I used to get the secondary display to work.
    Even checked the manual and it says nowhere that there is a Primary DVI connector.
    Though it was a wise lesson of not to expect the obvious it gave me three days of frustration.
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