Sound card causing slow windows boot?

I purchased a new creative audigy se sound card for nmy computer and installed it. Upon boot, I went into bios and disabled the onboard sound. My computer used to boot real quick when it got to the windows logo but takes much longer.

The first windows screen with the little scrolling bar doesn't take to long but the screen where it just says windows takes a lot longer. Plus, when it plays the logon sound, it sounds all garbled. Once I'm in windows, everything runs like normal.

It actually increased my 3dmark scores by 200-300 points. Do you think it is a driver issue causing a hangup when windows starts? What steps can I take to try and figure this out. This problem never happened util I installed the new sound card.


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  1. Probably just the extra time it takes to load the drivers and sound control applications. Creative's software is horribly bloated, be greatful it works at all.
  2. Thanks for the response. I also feel it is a driver issue. That is what I get for buying a cheap sound card. Or you might say that buying anything from creative is what I get. Oh well, it sounds better than my onboard sound so until my budget allows, I am not going to spend much money on a sound card.

  3. Yeh, it's been an issue even when that was an expensive card. Creative does things its own way, knocks heads with enthusiasts on occasion, and keeps moving forward at a snails pace. The company's other habbits include killing opposing technology.
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