Motherboard for a gaming system

I whant to get a new gaming system, and i whant to make it, les than 1100 dolars (only the main unit)
i whant a core2 duo CPu a E6300 or E6400 maybe,
and a Ati Radeon x1950XTX
but i have no ideea on the motherboard or the memory...
Any advice would be great.
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  1. Ive been quite happy with my Gigabyte DS3 , nor have I heard anything negative about it here.

    Go with the e6400, the 8x multiplier makes 3+Ghz much easier.

    Any name brand pc6400 memory will do, look for a lifetime warranty and support for 1.8v, the G.skill stuff is going for $180 for 2G, corsair is $180AR

    mobo 140
    mem 180
    e6400 220
    x1900xt 220
    $760 from newegg
    plenty of money left over for a good heatsink, like an si-128 or big typhoon
  2. I will look at that, thanks

    I was looking at
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