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I have a COMPAQ PRESARIO CQ60. After switching from Windows Vista to WindoWs 7, my microphones, both external and built-in, do not work (no voice is heard when I record myself).

Where can I download the right driver to have my microphones work again?
Thank you.

ANILA (Albania)
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  1. There is no additional driver required. Just make sure that your mics are not "muted" in your sound control panel.
  2. Thanks, but as it appears from the microphone icon, microphone is/has been already/always ON, not muted.

    I checked its status by going from CONTROL PANEL to 1) HARDWARE AND SOUND to 2) SOUND to MANAGE AUDIO DEVICES to 3) RECORDING and finally to 4) MICROPHONE. There I found a microphone icon with a tiny green circle containing a tick mark which I suppose means the microphone is NOT mute.
  3. Are you using the stock Windows 7 drivers or drivers from the audio chipset vendor?
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