Should I upgrade my perfectly working Win Vista 64bit - Win 7 64bit?

I have an HP p6130f that works perfectley with Windows Vista 64-Bit. Should I upgrade to Windows 7?

If so, I could do an onboard pc install or I could go fresh with the disc?

Thanks all,

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  1. If you're happy with it as is, you may not need to upgrade. Take a look at the new features offered in 7 and decide for yourself.

    If you do decide to move to 7, you are better off backing up your data and doing a fresh install, rather than an in-place upgrade.
  2. ok thank you
  3. I agree. If your current system is working well for you, and if you're not aware of some Windows 7 feature that would make life somehow better for you, there really isn't any point in going through the cost and hassle of upgrading IMHO.

    But if you were building a new system, it would make a lot of sense to go with Windows 7.
  4. well i am kinda trying to upgrade my p6130f w/ new psu, video card(s), RAM and maybe expanding my HD and using my open drive for blu ray or something.

    ok thanks though
  5. Win7 is quicker and more efficient than Vista. Whether you get a ROI with your purchase is up to you I suppose. :sarcastic:
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    If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

    Keep backups and when it goes gaga, then do a clean W7 install.
  7. After the service packs vista seemed fine to me,certainly wouldnt have purchaed vista if i had vista with the service packs
  8. ok thanks everyone.. I think I will just get the disc to keep untill it does go gaga XD
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