IMPORTANT security question + most secure router

What is the best router to buy if security is most important to me (router with best firewall?)
I will not use wireless internet
And another question
If i am using 4 LAn computers with ADSL connection and all 4 of them connects
to internet trough router(router you recommend it How can i best protect one LAn computer which is
very important for me regarding the security from other 3 LAn computers which i would not watch alot
to be clean from viruses ,Trojans etc.
Is the threat that comes from my 3 LAn computers bigger than internet threat?
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  1. How much are you looking to spend on a firewall?
    You could get a watchguard firebox soho 6 (~$300) or a cisco 800 series router/501pix (~$400)but both of those would take some networking knowledge and time to configure to really secure the one PC.

    You could always get a host based firewall for the secure PC and deny any incoming access except those specifically allow (which is how firewalls should operate by default but not all do)
  2. most consumer grade routers will not provide much trojan / virus protection

    good antivirus /with automatic updates should help in this regard

    setting the other pc's up with the users NOT having ADMIN rights would be good also.

    (or at least their everyday account not being admin)

    the watchguard /cisco ideas all seem good.... you could also look at some .nix projects

    ..... be prepared for a "learning curve" / spending some time on the phone to cisco CS if your not familar w/ cisco networking gear.... well as the guy points out both of those ...I've also heard good things about the Juniper networks netscreen products

    dansgardian /squid comes to mind

    for my part I use M0n0wall for my routing neeeds... but it doesn't do content filtering so it may not be what your looking for.
  3. Security system are only as secure as the weakest link. The Pass Phrase, if you only use 4-10 ch, with a word in the dictionary, it's not very good, very weak. The security key must max out the allowed chrs to achieve the specified sercuity. Using all printable chr. A good pass phrase, you will not be able to remember.
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