right HDD for a gaming PC

For a PC with a E6400 overclocked, with a 8800 GTS video card, and 1 GB memory,
i should go for a single HDD SATA2 (western Digital 250 Gb 7200 rpm, 16mb buffer, Raid edition)
or i should go to 2 x 160 Gb, 7200 rpm, 8 mb buffer Western Digital.
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  1. Nice system, but my first concern would be bumping the RAM to 2GB and then worry about the HD. 1GB will limit many of the modern games and you will start swapping, which will severely limit performance.
  2. Hmm, yes--I'd definitely go 2 gigs and if you want to have a gaming PC, you should go with the WD 150 gig Raptor 10,000rpm. Better yet, get a second one in Raid 0. If you want a second as storage, I recommend the WD Caviar series (250 gig), 7,200 RPM with 16 meg cache. Only $70.
  3. i just keep reposting this, cuz its a pain to have to reword it every time:

    "concerning game load times and raid 0... regardless of what some people may say, there are absolutely no viable or repeatable benchmarks to back up the claim that having raid 0 does substantially decrease load times for 'most' games... on average, you may receive an improvement of ~1 second, which has in fact been proven time and time again in numerous benchmarks (search on google for something like "raid 0 game load time")... but for games, raid 0 is not the way to go... youre much better off investing in more memory, a faster cpu, or simply a faster single drive, if youre looking to improve loading times

    as far as raid 0 also, since youre looking for mainly performance, its best used for transferring large files, such as movies, due to its higher STRs... in real world usage, you may see a boost of around up to ~15% when transferring large files like that"
  4. Thanks a lot...

    you helped me.. i will post the configuration and some benchmark test here, to thank you..:p
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