e4300 and P5N32 SLI SE DELUXE Problem! PLEASE HELP!

e4300 and P5N32 SLI SE DELUXE Problem! PLEASE HELP!

ok so ive had the board because previously i had a PD805 @ 3.8 GHZ but i know C2D is better, so when the 4300 dropped i was excited cause it had a higher multi than e6300 and this board i have hits a wall on the FSB so i wanted the higher multi to accomodate this board better however i ran into a problem.

so i went and bought one from frys' however im having a problem. when i put that chipp in and i have my latest bios revision mind you(603). i cannot change the FSB in the tuning options in the bios, instead its stuck at 2745 and whenever i make a attempt to change it, it just pops back to 2745. so i thought this board is only capable of 1600 atleast as advertised. so i let it boot. well when i let it boot like this, i expected it not to but it did but it did not boot with this crazy high FSB it booted the proc at 1.56GHZ and the FSB at around 693 or 173 external clock. so wtf is wrong? i called asus they want nothing to do with it. i just want to know. did i buy a bad proc? because it works fine on auto at 1.8GHZ 800 FSB or has anyone else tried this board and processor. also i know this board isnt great and its Nforce4

Asus P5N32 SLI SE Deluxe
C2D E4300 @ 1.8 ghz
Zalman CNP 9500
Corsair TWIN2X2048-6400c4
Thermaltake toughpower 650W
Antec 900 case
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  1. When a processor reboots to default setting or lowest settings, it is indicating that something in your overclock is causing instability. This essentially means go for a less aggressive overclock.


    Increase your voltage to get a better overclock.

    I wouldn't entirely blame the motherboard. IN all likelyhood, you got a crappy low binned processor which is often the case with oem(if that was the case).

    Also If I was you I would have not purchased such an awesome videocard with a crappy processor and motherboard.

    Don't be mislead by all the hype that are on reviews. Try to pump more voltage if you can. Nothing more than 1.45V for 24/7 however.
  2. I answered this on your other post but heres the gist of it. The bios release that you have is dated from November of last year. E4300's only came out 2 weeks ago. Asus has had to release updated bioses for other core 2 duo motherboards (P5LD2 Rev 2 on Jan 16th of this year) in order for them to be fully compatible with the e4300. Youll have to wait for a bios update before you overclock. PS if that is a Frye's OEM chip, the general consensus is that they do not OC as well as retail chips.
    Good Luck!
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