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I have an old gateway 400sd4 laptop that i want to try an upgrade the cpu. When i've checked the specs on my laptop on gateways site the spec numberfor my CPU listed is SL6GQ. According to intels site thats a regular pentium 4 proccessor and not a P4 Mobile. Can this be correct do i have a desktop style cpu in my laptop eatting up tons of power and cranking out all this heat? What processors can i upgrade with? Will changing to a P4 M work and will I see less power consumption and heat build up? The Chipset is an Intel 845MZ which intels site only list the it as compatable with the P4 M proccessors. I'm pulling the laptop apart to fix a dc power plug that is cracked and wanted some options to upgrade while i have it apart. thanks for any help or advice you can give.
Here are the links associated with my questions:
Gateways spec list for my laptop
Gateways spec for my CPU
Intels Spec sheet for my chipset
Intels sSpec sheet for my cpu
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  1. Yes they do install desktop cpu in notebooks, mine has a 3ghz P4.
    What limit your options is the PGA2 socket & the 400mhz FSB.
    A mobile chip is not enter changeable with the desktop. As for cooling you must keep all of the cooling system clean. Use the best thermal paste you can get. The factory thermal paste is not very high grade.

    The biggest boost in performance will be gain with a 7200 rpm drive. Despite what you hear on power drain. Time your self on how long you have to wait for things. You will find a 4200 or 5400 rpm wait time is 50%+ of you work. If this is the case, a 7200 rpm drive will double you productive. The 7200 rpm drives consume 10% more power. Which is a easy trade off a 90% gain in productivity.
  2. Oftentimes 7200 RPM drives don't even consume 10% more.

    As he said, you're fairly limited as to your options with the processor. Now would be a good time to ask yourself if upgrading is worth it over saving up for a new notebook.
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