E4300 @ 2.7GHz cold boot problem

A beginner here: using 300MHz FSB, 2.66 DRAM multiplier, 100MHz PCIe frequency and everything else at auto/default my system seemed stable enough (I was able to install XP). Feeling pretty good about the 50% gain, so I shut down the computer. Turning it back on a few hours later, the thing wouldn't boot at first, then after 2-3 automatic tries by DS3 the POST screen showed up with all my OC settings disabled.

Has anyone ever had a similar problem? If not, any ideas as to what the cause could be? All comments are welcome, thanks in advance.
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  1. I think you got a bad e4300 which is really common, especially if it was a oem.

    I don't think you can do much if you ran into a wall already. All you can do is raise your cpu voltage and hope for the best. The e4300 loves voltage and stocks sometimes doesn't do it.
  2. Really appreciate the respond... It's not too bad as I've just got the problem solved by upgrading to the latest BIOS (F10). I can't OC it any higher than that, but 2.7GHz with default voltage is good enough for me.
  3. Glad you got things worked out. The batch of OEM chips Fry's has for such a good deal are turning out to be very poor overclockers 8O . The retail chips have had no such issues.
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